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Chimera Cyclopedia

I have always loved ancient Greek mythology and the creatures and beings that live within the stories. I was living on a nature reserve and was inspired by the different environments around me. I decided to make my very own chimera by using the skeletons of deceased animals that I found around the reserve. This is the begining of my Chimera Cycolpedia- a list of creatures in my own imaginery world.


Inspired by my friend and model The Little Harlequin, Pop-Expressionism was a creative collaboration, using the human body as a canvass for art.


Post apocolytpic survivor photo-story. Most of the props are the real deal- some real antiques, all weapons are real, some real army gear from different wars.

Day Off

“Cleaning her equipment after a hard days work, a spy relaxes with a glass of whisky in her little ‘safe’ room”. All weapons real.

Swimsuit Appetizer

My friend and I spent the afternoon shooting a bunch of fun quirky ideas. This was inspired by all magazines that set up woman and men as delictable dishes to be served to their readers.